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I enjoy most things, and don't believe that enjoying things means that I shouldn't rip it apart critically. Also don't think reading is the panacea of all ills, so I read a lot of comics and play a lot of video games.

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Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day

Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day - Seanan McGuire McGuire is truly skilled at the pacing for a novella. Admittedly, novellas are all I've read of hers, but they're always the perfect length, not drawing too long, and not giving me not enough.

I will say that in comparison to Every Heart a Doorway, I did feel that the exposition in the book felt a little more exposit-y, being that she devotes paragraphs to it not exactly subtly. Some of it is more well integrated with Jenna being a relatively younger ghost, but there are significant swathes that explain more than show. This isn't to say that there's a proper solution for this, because this problem plagues most writers, good and bad (and McGuire is definitely good), but I felt like it was worth mentioning because it was more obvious to me in comparison to Every Heart a Doorway.

I also think I shouldn't forgo the fact that I think this is the first book that encapsulated unrules really well. So it's obvious that ghosts and witches and so on and so forth have their rules, but 4D (which is what I've decided just now to call it) did "well also those rules might not matter because well, ghosts and magic and whatever, so who knows what's the deal here." I'm sure that for some this comes off as a bit of a cop out, but I felt it was executed really well.

All in all, just another reason to check out this person's other works!