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I enjoy most things, and don't believe that enjoying things means that I shouldn't rip it apart critically. Also don't think reading is the panacea of all ills, so I read a lot of comics and play a lot of video games.

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The Great Greene Heist

The Great Greene Heist - Varian Johnson In this recurring tradition of me reading books I shouldn't be, I read this book because the last time I saw a bunch of characters on a cover where the majority of them were poc and the main character was a poc and proudly displaying it??? Let's see, like. Never.

And the book itself did not disappoint. It gets off to kind of a shaky start due to some the usual problems of younger reader books, i.e. the tell not show issue, but overall the book is fast paced and all the characters are interesting enough for everyone to be invested in one if not all of them. I was kind of upset at the minor role that Victor Cho had (despite being listed on the flap and so on) and it's not really a spoiler because the character isn't given enough three-dimensionality for anyone to relate to him in the first place (maybe in the sequel???? fingers crossed. all fingers). However, I loved Jackson's suave con artist charm and his inability to not be a thirteen year old kid at the same time. He's alternately cool and helplessly adorable.

A cool, fun book about cool, fun characters.