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I enjoy most things, and don't believe that enjoying things means that I shouldn't rip it apart critically. Also don't think reading is the panacea of all ills, so I read a lot of comics and play a lot of video games.

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The Library at Mount Char - Scott Hawkins Do not get me wrong. I really liked this book. I have recommended it to several people. I think that it is gripping, dark, funny, and just a bit sick in a way that gets me. I liked it a lot. I will continue to recommend it to people, even if it's with several pages ripped out of it.

I'm fucking pissed there was - even if it wasn't graphic - a rather brutal, knowing description of a rape scene. It's been like a week or so since I've finished this book and that chapter colored me for the rest of the book, which is a damned shame because the last part of the book is the part that I really, really liked. It's been a few weeks, the whole thing on GoT happened, I've been reading a lot of books that seem to throw the circumstance around like a cool thing to do. I'm incredibly frustrated with this particular book because honestly I'm not entirely sure WHAT I would have to say against it if it wasn't for that stupid, pointless chapter that adds absolutely nothing to our hatred of David that couldn't have been accomplished by him just murdering Carolyn. I don't want to say it like it never happens in real life, but my god if there was ever a book that used that horrible circumstance purely as a fuel then - I mean this book is drowning amongst many, but it's still one of them.

Would you have included that scene knowing the reactions to GoT now? I hope not. It stands out in this book like a sore thumb, as it does to everyone who can't think of it in a purely storytelling fashion. It was the first time Carolyn ever died - that could have been fuel enough for me, the reader, to hate David into the pure satisfaction of his final torment.

It just would have been better without it. It just would.