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I enjoy most things, and don't believe that enjoying things means that I shouldn't rip it apart critically. Also don't think reading is the panacea of all ills, so I read a lot of comics and play a lot of video games.

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The End We Start From

The End We Start From - Megan Hunter It was very pretty, but towards the end I got a little bit tetchy with the similes and metaphors. That did manage to coincide with around the same time that the story got a little bit more padded, and the sense of the story having a purpose returned. It was also very short, but I can see the type of day and mood I might be more it than I was. There's also something to be said, I think, for an apocalyptic novel centered around having and living with a baby. Not in a bitter, angsty way, not with the baby missing and needing to be found, but to live or survive with and around a baby. Like, The Fireman got pretty close to it, but there's so much else happening that it's not a majorly central focus. In a more in depth novel, I'd want a closer examination of what to do when you don't have something that the baby needs, but it wasn't trying to be that book, and for once an element of edginess was blissfully absent in an apocalyptic novel.

It's not... much more than that? But it didn't advertise anything more, so.